Why pest control services in Miami should never ignore indoor flying ants

The sight of indoor flying ants in your Miami home rarely bodes well for you. In fact, you have a much bigger problem if you notice the flying ants in your house during winter. You have no reason for worrying upon noticing one or two of these pests during summer. During winter, the presence of the flying ants often indicates that your house has an underlying problem – a carpenter ant nest. Therefore, hire pest control Miami to eradicate this problem fast.

It’s easy to confuse carpenter ants with termites

Most people aren't familiar with the flying ant, but here it is.
Most people aren’t familiar with the flying ant, but here it is.

Carpenter ants are common all over the United States. It’s usual to find some people confusing these ants with termites. In many cases, there’s a massive difference in size between ants and termites with the latter appearing much smaller.  Among all ant species, the carpenter ants hold the title of being the largest. However, it’s worth mentioning that many carpenter ants are small, thus the cause for the confusion between them and termites.

A professional pest control expert can tell the difference between the two by looking for:

  • Narrow waists
  • Elbowed or bent antennae
  • Shorter hind wings
  • Longer front wings
  • Dark-colored bodies

If you see all these qualities in the pest, there should be no doubt in your mind that you’re dealing with a carpenter ant. The ants are capable of being too destructive in the home. Unlike termites, however, the ants don’t eat wood but only use it for nesting. The ants are rarely active outdoors during winter. Therefore, their presence inside your house over winter indicates that they have formed a nest – and this is a bigger problem that requires urgent solutions to fix.

Most effective methods for eradicating ant infestation

All pest control measures you use to remove the carpenter or flying ants from your house should be well thought. For the most part, you would have to remove the harborage by repairing or replacing the rotted wood. This step is crucial in ensuring that the infestation does not recur in your house. The next step involves identifying the most effective insecticides for killing the flying and carpenter ants so that they stop nesting in your house.

The most effective insecticides include the following:

  1. Insecticidal dust
  2. Baits
  3. Sprays

Choose insecticidal dusts designed specifically for carpenter ants. Check that the dust is for use inside homes. Inject the dust into areas where the flying or carpenter ants have nested. You may have to drill small holes to access these areas if they are hard to get to before injecting the insecticidal dust. The dusts act faster. Baits are a bit slow to act and produce the desired results. Nonetheless, baits are the safest and easiest pest control methods to use.

Therefore, you should never ignore the presence of flying ants in your Miami house. You should be quick to call experts in pest control as soon as you notice these ants in your house during winter. Pest control experts are able to determine the level of infestation and advice you on the most effective methods of eradicating the ants. Remember, if you address this problem quickly, you will have no worries about any wood product in your house.

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