Why Insurance is Crucial when Hiring Roofers and Home Contractors

It’s usual to come across residential homeowners in Minneapolis who believe in home, car, pet and life insurance. However, you may also find some homeowners who don’t insist on hiring roofers who have roofing insurance. Investing in roofing insurance is good news for your financial well being. Lack of insurance could cause cost you significantly, especially if a roofer is injured or dies. If the roofer causes damage, the lack insurance could return to haunt you.

Roofer in Minneapolis
Most roofers do exemplary work, but its still important to have them insured.

Many roofers are renowned for doing exemplary work. Most of them today understand why they must have insurance to work on the roof of any residential property in Minneapolis. However, a bunch of them choose to ignore this legal requirement. More roofers have found a way of beating the system by coming up with devious ways of cheating you that they have insurance. Whoever believes such roofers without checking their claims independently is in for a rough time.

So, what tricks should you watch out for from the Minneapolis roofer?

Invalid insurance

First, check whether the copy of certificate insurance the roofer shows you is in force or not. The fact that he’s willing to show you this copy doesn’t make him genuine and worth trusting with his claims. He’s probably expecting you not to follow up with the authorities to check the authenticity of the certificate of insurance. Let the roofer know that you’re not foolish enough to trust him without checking the details yourself.

Wrong details

Next, pay close attention to the details appearing on the copy of the certificate of insurance. A wily roofer is capable of borrowing a copy from his friend and showing it to you as his own. If you look close enough, you might just see that policy has a different name from what is in the contract you wish to sign with the roofer. Any roofer who does this is not worth trusting to do a good job on your roof.

Roofing work isn’t covered

In many cases, you will find a roofer who has a valid policy. That’s fine until you notice that the policy doesn’t cover any work related to roofing. Roofing insurance is costly owing to the number to accidents, slips and falls that occur while contractors are up on the roof installing, maintaining, repairing or replacing it. The insurance companies have to charge premium rates to cover what could lead to huge financial losses.

Many roofers claim to be general contractors. They do this because of the knowledge that general contractor insurance policies are cheaper. Check with your roofer to see whether he passes himself off as a general contractor. If he does, you should not be shocked to discover that the aim of doing this is to avoid the high costs of roofing insurance policies. You can hire the general contractor, but this decision might be harmful to you in the end.

Don’t be afraid to ask the roofer’s insurer for a copy of the contractor’s certificate of insurance. The carriers have no problem acceding to your request since it’s part of their job. The letter or certificate that the roofer gives you directly is not proof of insurance. Don’t ignore this piece of advice, as the consequences are too great for you. The bottom line is that any Minneapolis roofing expert you hire must have valid insurance.

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