How to Identify Hail Damage before Calling a Roofing Contractor

During hail storms, you should worry about more than just the car. It’s true that the car is prone to damage during such storms. However, have you ever thought about the damage that the storm could wreck on your roof? The destructiveness of hailstorms varies depending on the surface they hit. The extent of the damage depends on various factors, as shown below:

  • Wind
  • Size and intensity
  • Building materials
  • Barriers

Shingles react discernibly when hit by hailstorms. The reaction of asphalt or composition shingles, when hit by a hailstorm, differs from what you’re likely to see on wood shingles. For this reason, it’s crucial for you to know how to identify the damages. This way, you will have little trouble informing the roofing contractors Calgary why you need their services.

The type of damages you’re likely to see in asphalt or composition shingles includes:

  1. Random damages that lack discernible patterns
  2. Black hail hits
  3. Loss of granules thus exposing the roof felt
  4. Shiny asphalt or mat
  5. Soft hail hits that resemble apple bruises

The type of damages you will see on the wood shingles following a hailstorm includes:

  1. Random damages lacking discernible patterns
  2. Brown or orange splits in the shingles
  3. Sharp-edged splits in the shingles
  4. Splits without any visible deterioration on the edges
  5. Splits full of dents or impact marks

A bit of caution is necessary when evaluating the roof for signs of hailstorm damages. This is because some damages you think are the work of hailstorms might be the result of something entirely different. For example, exposing the shingles to sunlight or inclement weather causes them to brittle and to develop signs of aging.

It’s easy to mistake the following types of ordinary wear and tear for hail damage:

  • Blistering
  • Cracking
  • Granule loss
  • Flaking
  • Algae
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Mechanical imperfections

Therefore, call an experienced and highly trained roofing contractor to confirm whether the signs you see on the roof are because of hailstorm damages. The contractor can confirm or put your fears to rest. It’s costly to hire a roofer for such work, but the price you pay now is worth it, considering the expenses you will be sparing yourself in future.

Failure to inspect the roofs in time and institute the required measures to repair them immediately after a hailstorm could mean bad news for you going forward. For example, you might have to replace the entire roofing system, especially when the damages spread to other areas too. The structural integrity of your property could also be at risk.

Hiring roofing contractors Calgary is a great move after each hailstorm. As the article shows, you can inspect the roof for basic signs of damage after a hailstorm before calling the roofer to do a more thorough evaluation. Knowing how to identify damages caused by hailstorms will be of little use if you cannot hire a qualified roofer to carry out repairs as quickly as possible.

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