House Cleaning Tips that all Pet Owners Should Observe


It’s normal for pet owners to struggle to keep their homes clean. Pets can create such a mess, thus making it hard to maintain the level and quality of cleanliness that your house deserves. Pets are notorious for leaving their hair everywhere. You will find pet hair on clothing, furniture, and floors. This should not stress you since the best remedy is to place an old sheet or towel on the surfaces where the pet likes to rest. Shake the sheet or towel afterward.

What other tips should a pet owner be careful to observe?

Full suctioning and vacuuming

Pet hair may find its way on the carpet and rugs. In such situations, you would have to hire an expert in house cleaning which you could do by just doing a quick internet search for “house cleaning Sydney” but be sure to find one who also specializes in pet hair removal. Alternatively, you might have to vacuum the carpet and rugs several times each week. Full suction is the most effective method of cleaning the carpet or rug. If your home only has wooden and hard floors, use electrostatic mops to remove pet hair, as they are more efficient compared to the vacuums.

Choose the right pet

In some instances, you may need to identify a pet that sheds little hair. It’s impossible for a pet, such as a dog, to avoid shedding hair. Some of the species known for shedding little hair include Schnauzers, Bichon Frises, and Labradoodles among others. If you think buying a different breed is a costlier affair, you may want to invest in the right cleaning items such as hand-held vacuums, swiffers, and dustpans among others.

Groom the pets properly

Proper grooming helps you avoid incurring too many expenses cleaning the house after your pets. Brush the dog or cat regularly. It’s highly advisable to brush the pet several times per week. The hair you collect on the brush will not end up on the floor, carpet or upholstery, thus reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do. Furthermore, brushing the cat a few times helps to keep it healthy by avoiding conditions such as hairballs and constipation, which can stress it.

Check and replace the filters

Checking the filters is an effective way of keeping your house cleaning expenses down. Check them every 2-4 weeks. You may need to change the filters too. Clean filters allow the heating and cooling system to do less work. The result of this is you end up saving money. Failure to check and replace the filters would mean dust particles and pet hair flying all over the place because the AC is unable to do a proper job.

Follow this guideline and keep your home clean. Train the pets and groom them properly, if you wish to see a significant reduction of the mess they leave behind. The method you use to keep the home clean depends on the type of pet you have. Some pets don’t have hair or fur to shed everywhere in the home. For such pets, you would have to find the best strategy for ensuring they don’t create too much of a mess at home.

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