20/20 by 2010

On Wednesday, June 13, our Global Warming task team (called the Carbon 42 task team) rolled out the 7th Gen climate change program 20/20 by 2010 to the employees of 7th Gen and to two of our manufacturing partners. We as a company (and we as humans occupying present earth) are aiming to reduce our overall carbon footprint by 20% while increasing our use of renewables by 20% all by the year 2010.

The rollout included a moment of theatrical indulgence (above) to inspire people to be more aware of their carbon impact both at home and in the everyday operations of 7th Gen. The theme of the play was to shift thinking away from offsetting carbon impacts to designing new reduction strategies to meet our goals of 20/20 by 2010.

To get people at this new level of awareness, the Carbon 42 task team developed one of the most sophisticated (and evolving) carbon calculators (for internal use only, now) that will not only tell people their carbon footprint, but will also store their data so that as time ticks on they can measure their activity. And even more…we are encouraging employees to design their lives to be carbon-less and 7th Gen will extend our present energy incentive program to help fund these projects. More to come…

C-42 Team