Last Call for the Blogger’s Choice

Though it might seem to be the Contest That Never Ends (we did, after all, first post about this back in early May), voting in the Blogger’s Choice Awards is at last coming to a close.

Winners are to be announced November 10th. We’ve been nominated for Best Corporate Blog, and after all these many months we’re holding our own in fourth place, which is great but not quite enough to crack the Top Three where all the action is.

So, to indulge in a small amount of shameless self-promotion, if you’ve got a spare moment or two and want to help your favorite blog to a seat a limelighthead over here and cast your vote for inspiration. It’s a stress-free process. Just click the little gold “vote” button under our current “total votes” tally. A quick registration and an e-mail later and you’re a voter. Don’t know if we can beat giants like Southwest Airlines and Google, who probably gave their respective staffs of thousands the day off to vote repeatedly, but it’s worth a try.