We Can Do This

We can, you know. It’s really not as hard as it looks.

I know, I know… You pick up the paper, read the headlines, and run screaming from the room in a blind war-fevered eco-panic so overwhelming the only way out you can see is to barricade the door, cut the cables, kill the lights, and hole up in the basement surrounded by soft pillows and a nice fluffy comforter with a case or two or ten of good merlot and that Sex in the City DVD set you got for Christmas but haven’t been able to watch because who’s got time for Carrie and the girls when dinner’s burning, the kids are screaming, the phone’s ringing and the nattering nabob on the evening news just said we have about ten minutes until humanity’s warranty on the whole operation expires?

But wait. Because there’s proof all around that we can do this. Kill the war and cool the world and not be so bush-wacked over it all. If you know what I mean… In fact, there are steps being taken in the right and better direction all the time. And some of them are pretty big. You just have to know where to look. I’d suggest right here…

Where a new study finds that levels of toxic nasties in the bodies of Arctic mothers are dropping significantly. This news, of course, strongly implies (if not outright declares) that good ideas like the Stockholm Convention to ban persistent chemicals actually work! See that Mr. Chemical Maker Man Lobbyist Guy? We can get rid of the poisonous crap polluting our bodies without having to all go live in crude thatched huts. Hate to say we told you so, but…

Staying north of the border for just another minute, we find that on Monday the province of Quebec began imposing Canada’s first carbon tax. The more carbon that’s produced by the energy products a company sell, the more that company will pay for privelege of turning our precious world into a planetary charcoal briquette. What do you think the odds are that every single Quebec energy company is now doing whatever it can to shift to non-polluting energy sources? What do you think the chances are that this has a quite happy impact on carbon emissions? What do you think the likelihood is that this eventually proves that smart regulation and wise taxation lead to a little something I like to call salvation.

And because our own government just doesn’t seem to be listening to we the people or getting the message we’re sending, some big things to get their attention are planned for October 22nd. That’s when No War No Warming is going to tackle the two biggest issues of our day by tackling the entire government. In your face, Congress. Here we come, and we are not happy campers. This is a great way to be heard loud and clear. Let’s all help. Viva la revolution!

Rachel’s Precaution Reporter brings us this fine example of good progressive precautionary thinking from the Harvard Business Review: business pre-mortems. Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong after a given technology or product or idea blows up in our faces and burns down the house and ruins the neighborhood by leaving a toxic waste-filled smoking crater you could park the Queen Mary in, why don’t we (and by “we” I mean big dumb companies who apparently need obvious advice like this) sit down and figure out everything that can go wrong before whatever we’re talking about leaves the launchpad. Then, and I know this is a crazy outlandish wacky silly hare-brained idea whose terminal far-fetchedness is super funny, we can actually kill trouble before it kills us! Worth a try, don’tcha think?

Lastly, put this in your sustainable pipe and enjoy a good carbon free smoke: A new technology developed at Colorado State University promises marvelously cheap solar panels that will sell for a mere $2 per watt, which is half of what panels cost now if you’re counting along at home (and we all should be). Mass production is coming in about a year and with it a huge shift that will makes solar a viable, affordable, sustainable, wonderful rooftops-from-coast-to-carbon-free-coast possibility. (Those weeping shuddering black hearted-hulks of pure rotting ecological evil you see sobbing in the corner are Big Coal and his brother Mr. Nuke Industry)

See… we can do this. We will do this. In fact, we already are…